"Landscape is interesting by its story, romantic and retold in a special way ... watercolor is suitable for this like no other medium. "

 I immediately fell in love with watercolor, because no one medium had such speed and freshness anymore.

To be carried away and capture the romantic story of street scene and telling it in “two words” in the style of ala-prima became my favorite thing. 

I like work right on the street most of all, when the story I try to paint, going on around and at this moment.

My favorite artist is Edward Seago,

and favorite theme - impressionistic landscapes.

I participated in various international competitions, including the International Biennale of Watercolors in Shanghai in 2012, the International Biennale in Belarus in 2013 and the A la prima watercolor festival in Moscow.

4 solo exhibitions were held.

Watercolors are in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rostov-on-Don, Russia and in private collections in different countries.


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Yuri Akopyants Watercolor

Be Impressive by watercolor with me!

This is a wonderful and dynamic environment. Make sure!

My Artworks.

They are different stories that I saw.

Artworks Yuri Akopyants watercolor

Get study on my online watercolor cityscape course

You can us my online watercolor course If you are looking for to make your watercolors brighter and more emotional. 

In my online watercolore cityscape course you will find  a lot of life hacking, this is 10 hours of educational video and homework notes.

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